Commemorative Mugs for the Queen’s 90th Birthday

Royal events have long been commemorated with special edition cups, mugs and plates and the Queen’s 90th Birthday is no exception. In fact if you are a collector you are likely to have quite a selection of designs from different events with the Royal Wedding and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee being the most popular in recent years. We are delighted that Emma Bridgewater are celebrating the occasion of the Queens’ 90th Birthday with two limited edition mugs along with a traditional cotton tea towel (perfect for drying up at your royal tea party!).

Fans of Emma Bridgewater’s traditional spongeware will love their brightly coloured design featuring Fleur de Lys around the outside and trumpets on the inside. Each piece will always be slightly different as they are decorated by hand and, having been to the factory and seen it done, believe me, this is a really skilled job!

The second design is a little more formal and heraldic in style featuring a lion and a unicorn on the front and crowns on the inside. However it still has that personal touch – spot the corgi on the back! The same design is used for the tea towel so if you don’t want to use it for the dishes then you could always hang it on the wall!

Emma Bridgewater are also commemorating another special event this year – the 400th Anniversary of the death of England’s most famous playwright, William Shakespeare. This mug features a selection of his best known plays, a picture of the Globe theatre and the man himself. On the inside of the mug is a quote from Laurence Olivier about Shakespeare ” The nearest thing in incarnation to the eye of God”. Perfect for any aspiring thespians or literature lovers!