Bestselling Products

Our best-selling products change over time; not through fad and fashion, but because tastes change, design moves on and technology improves. What you can be sure of is that any product that features in our best-sellers has proven its worth, whether that’s its innate style or outstanding functionality.

Ultimately, any good product should make our lives just that little bit more enjoyable and should do it for some considerable time!

Robert Welch Malvern Cutlery

Robert Welch Malvern Cutlery

Robert Welch’s classic Malvern cutlery in a 6 place-setting configuration. A great example of late C20th British design that still excites people today.

Thornback & Peel Jelly and Cake Apron

Thornback & Peel Apron

We can’t keep up with demand for Thornback & Peel’s hand-printed aprons and tea towels. This quirky Jelly and Cake example of their UK-made range is currently the most popular and a good conversation starter.

WMF Garlic Press

WMF Profi Plus Garlic Press

Made entirely from Cromargan steel, this German-engineered garlic press is built-to-last, is easy to clean and works superbly. It’s well worth the money if you want the best.

Scanpan Knife Block in Red

Scanpan Knife Block

It looks good, it’s well-made and it works¬† – what more could you want. It’s great value too, as the bristle-based interior accommodates odd combinations of knives, unlike pre-slotted blocks.

Emma Bridgewater Mr & Mrs Mug Set

Bridgewater Mr & Mrs Mugs

All the usual Bridgewater provenance and quality now comes in some clever twin packs of mugs covering quite a variety of family subjects. This one might be obvious, but it’s a goodie!

Silverwood game pie mould

Silverwood Game Pie Mould

Game pie moulds used to cost a fortune, until Simon Silverwood came up with this ingenious and easy-to-use alternative. The silver-anodised aluminium just about guarantees a well-baked crust, too.

Repeat Repeat Plum Teapot

Repeat Repeat Plum Teapot

Quintessentially British, this teapot shows off Repeat Repeat’s relief pattern skills and respect for Potteries heritage. The pattern seems to effortlessly combine Arts & Crafts with British post-war textiles design. Made in Stoke and a wonderful teapot to use and own.

WMF contemporary water jug

WMF Water Decanter

We’ve stocked this water jug since soon after its launch, as it manages to be both beautiful and useful at the same time. With a self-levelling steel cap and silicone seal, it keeps ice and fruit inside and dust and bugs on the outside.