Cooking – it’s what we’re really about and it’s why we started Cooks & Kitchens in the first place. Of course, we also bake, make coffee, drink wine and all the rest of the things that make food such a pleasure, but ‘the industry’ demands that cooking is a separate category – oh,well!

That means everything from our superb selection of Robert Welch utensils to hand-printed Thornback & Peel aprons and Denmark’s carefully-designed Scanpan cookware.

At its heart, what you’ll find at Cooks & Kitchens (or have already found) is a lot of well-made products that are clearly designed for a purpose; and an absence of all those ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ gadgets that seem to feature in department stores.

Above all, you’ll find a passion for sourcing products that are superb to use, will stand the test of time and look good.

Useful Videos

This video is rather long, but well worth watching
if you own, or are thinking of buying Robert Welch
Signature knives. Nice bit of history, too.