Emma Bridgewater


Emma Bridgewater is without doubt the most famous of English earthenware companies today. Whilst her iconic half-pint mugs form the backbone of the product range and feature designs that are now considered as modern classics, the range goes well beyond and includes teaware and dinnerware. Indeed, the licensing of designs in the past few years has meant that we can now offer complementary products in aprons, cake storage tins and tea-towels.

It is a little strange that, in this age where so-called vintage or heritage design is the new avant-garde, many of Bridgewater’s designs have a timeless appeal, yet are less than ten years old. From a boutique manufacturer a few years ago, Bridgewater is now a serious player in the premium ceramics market, but still operates from a significant Victorian-era pottery in Stoke.

We maintain a significant stock of Bridgewater at Cooks & Kitchens, although we tend to stick to teaware (mugs, teapots, milk jugs, etc.), butter dishes and giftware – such as the candle holders. As Emma introduces plenty of new designs every year, you’ll see these well-represented alongside old favourites, such as Black Toast, Polka Dots and Hearts.

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