Wusthof Knives

Wusthof knives are special. They just have all the right credentials – a family-owned business, an engineering and quality focus, decades of German manufacturing experience, etc. That’s what makes them, despite the enormous choice of top brands today, one of the top 2 or 3 most-prized kitchen knives worldwide.

In fact, with some irony, their German factory makes what many chefs would regard as one of the best santoku knives in the world – that’s a Japanese cooks knife!

Note that you don’t see Wusthof knives branded with names like Raymond Blanc or Gordon Ramsay, but they’re both long-time Wusthof users. However, like Global at the other end of the scale, Wusthof knives don’t suit everyone, as they have some heft to them, so make sure that you come in and try out a few knives before making a decision.

As with all our knife brands, Cooks & Kitchens is an authorised main stockist of Wusthof (we know the factory, the people, the knives), so you can see and use a wide selection of knives and get expert, impartial, advice. We also have access to on-going promotions, especially on starter knife block sets, so please call us or Tweet @cooksandkitchen for current availability.

Useful Wusthof Info

Good Wusthof video with an English voiceover that
really gets across the quality of their knives.

The video has typical Germanic restraint, but an English
commentary & is an accurate insight into their factory.