Silverwood Bakeware

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Alan Silverwood’s bakeware has always been, and probably always will be, our bestselling baking brand. What makes it so popular is simply the results that can be achieved time after time, whether cake-making, pudding steaming or roasting.

Over the past 10-15 years, we’ve seen the advent of multi-layer non-stick bakeware, heavyweight bakeware, silicone bakeware, coloured bakeware and lots of other supposed improvements. Yet serious bakers and lots of professional craft bakers buy a piece of the ‘latest thing’ to try it out – and immediately return to their trusted Silverwood.

Why? (and it’s not because it’s still made in Birmingham)

Well, Silverwood products are manufactured from silver-anodised aluminium, a material that prevents raw aluminium contact with food, whilst retaining its heat distribution and conductive properties. In other words, things bake faster, more evenly and they have a smoother structure where they touch the sides.

There’s also a vast range of products in the sizes that bakers actually need and, finally, Silverwood make pieces that are really robust and you can go on using for years – in fact, the more you use them, the better the release properties.

Cooks & Kitchens stocks a comprehensive range of Silverwood (and their Delia Smith range) that includes round and square cake tins from 5″ to 12″, flan tins, the multisize tin, brownie trays, oven trays, bun tins, etc. To check our stock at any time, see the listings below – if an item’s showing, it’s in stock.

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