Thornback & Peel

thornback and peel

Sometimes we can take months or even years to find what we’re looking for, but occasionally it just lands on the doormat! That was the case with Thornback & Peel, who we’d never come across until a letter arrived detailing some of their products.

With their quirky New British Heritage designs, UK hand-printing and strong credentials, it was a must-have range. Our customers also thought so, as we (and Thornback & Peel) struggled to meet demand in the early months.

Thornback & Peel is the brainchild of the eponymous Juliet and Delia, who emerged in their current incarnation in 2007, but it was only recently that they decided to sell beyond their own London shop and events. We’re very pleased that they decided to do so and now carry an ever-growing range of their tea towels and aprons.

The designs are a very effective counterpoint to Emma Bridgewater’s textiles in that the two brands adopt a similar ‘craft’ aesthetic, whilst representing two very different traditions in British decorative arts.